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Rekeying Locks Service

We provide professional re-key services in San Diego, Chula Vista, Oceanside and the Poway. If you’re looking to rekey your locks, our skilled locksmith team can rekey the locks for you at an affordable price.

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What is rekeying a lock? Rekeying locks means changing internal pins of the lock, allowing a different key to make the lock open. There are several reasons for a lock to be re keyed, but to do this done as well, it will require the services of a professional locksmith.


The reasons for needing to rekey your locks can range from losing your keys to your keys being stolen. Rekeying a lock is also a great alternative if you wish to keep the current locks already installed on your door in San Diego. Another reason, is if you move into a new house/apartment San Diego, as you would also need to rekey or replace your locks because you do not know how many people still have keys. For a lock to be re-keyed it must have at least a National Standards Institute Grade 1 designation, or you may have to replace your whole lock. It can be expensive to replace an entire lock, so re-keying allows the old key to be replaced without replacing the entire lock. The locksmith is trained in how to do this quickly and without mistakes, plus he can make you a new key after completing this process.

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The history of Lock Rekey

Rekeying was invented in 1836 by a man named Solomon Andrews. He was a  San Diego locksmith, and his locks had adjustable tumblers and keys so it could be rekeyed. In the 1850’s Andrews and Newell invented removable tumblers you can take apart and scramble. The keys had interchangeable bits which matched other tumbler configurations. This ability to change it into several arrangements became the basis for modern day combination locks.